The reality of Kandu’s death…

Kandu's death

August 21, 1989. SeaWorld San Diego.

The reality of Kandu’s death after she severed a major artery attempting to rake her teeth over tank mate, Corky. Killer Whales rarely need to use agression to display dominance in the wild. It is rare to even see rake marks. SeaWorld described this as a “normal, socially induced act of aggression to assert her dominance”.

Kandu had always been the dominant female at SeaWorld San Diego, raising questions as to why she was forced into confined spaces with other killer whales, especially after the birth her calf Orkid, who was less than a year old at the time of the incident.

It took Kandu 45 minutes to bleed to death. As she sprayed a 10ft geyser of blood from her blow hole, she never left Orkid’s side.


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