The future for the aquarium industry..

The anti-captivity movement over the last few years will undoubtebly bring about change. The ideal solution would be for SeaWorld to listen to the people and embrace changing morals and opinions. They could become the front runners in caring for the current captives by creating sea pens and initilising soft release programmes, but of course they would need the money, space and legal/public support, which will only come about from rebranding. They have always been about tacky entertainment and exploitation.. After all this bad publicity, it would be so difficult for the SeaWorld leopard to change it’s spots, but it’s not impossible. Either way the redemption or demise of SeaWorld is going to permanently affect the aquarium industry.

The change needs to come from within and it’s happening because of movements such as this. People aren’t comfortable with certain levels of cetacean captivity anymore, just like they weren’t comfortable with mammal captivity in zoos and now we have zoos funded by and invested in conservation projects worldwide and we developed safari parks! Maybe there is a similar future for aquariums.. We just have to break the institution. I think it’s started!


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