SeaWorld Ending Its Old Orca Show … And Starting A New One

“Unfortunately, despite early optimism, it looks like the decision is less about animal welfare, and more of an attempt to repackage the experience to make captivity more palatable to potential guests.”

The new show is planned to supposedly have a ‘conservation focus’ on natural behaviours like breaching, spy hopping, tail slapping etc, but despite being natural behaviours, they’ll still be commanded to perform them as part of an orchestrated show and starved so they cooperate. Exploitation which ever way you look at it.. it’s just a filthy, wet circus and it’s got to stop.

The positives are that this is definitely an indication that SeaWorld San Diego are cracking under the campaign pressure!


Lawmaker plans to introduce bill to phase out killer whale shows – LA Times

BBC Two – Natural World, 2013-2014, Killer Whales: Beneath the Surface

Excellent documentary. A refreshing focus on the killer whale’s instinct to care for others.. a trait so rare in the animal kingdom. Some of you may have heard of Morgan, Portugal’s Loro Parque’s captive who was “rescued” (imprisoned, in my opinion) after found stranded. Turns out she’s almost deaf which has lead to the conclusion she wouldn’t survive in the wild.. research in Norway has shown that this is almost definitely wrong. Killer whales have been witnessed caring for disabled individuals, just like humans do. About time we started showing them some respect #emptythetanks