Thoughtful support..

​It’s been a promising year for captive orcas! The anti-captivity campaign has seen successes in SeaWorld’s announcement to end their captive breeding programme and California passing a bill to ban captive orca breeding by law. I wanted something to remind me of this year, something that I can pick up when I feel hopeless and be reminded how far we’ve come. As a big fan of her craft, I asked Sammie from Hooked On Dodging Dusting, who makes precious tiny little crocheted animals, to make me an orca. I named him Namu after the first captive orca forced to perform with humans. He arrived today and he’s just about the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. As if he wasn’t enough I was surprised to find two boxes in the parcel; two orcas. Sammie had made and sent me a second little one.. “Use this little guy to fundraise or cheer on a friend who is also supporting the big guys 💙” I’m blown away by her support.. shown with such a thoughtful gesture. Check out her Facebook page and all her wonderful little creations. Thank you Sammie, I will treasure him forever!!


Wild and Free…

A friend I worked with in conservation sent me these pictures today! He has recently moved to Canada and has been sharing all his adventures across British Colombia. This particular  adventure around Strawberry Island surprised him with some unexpected visitors…

The pod is called the ‘Motley Crew’. Two adult females and three juveniles. The matriarch is over 50 years old!

In 4 years that pod has only been back 15 times.

This is how all whales and dolphins should be, wild and free 🐬🌊

Photo credit: Chris Jewell 2016