SeaWorld San Diego to end orca shows this Sunday!

Following SeaWorld’s announcement last year to end captive breeding, Seaworld San Diego announced they will end their orca shows altogether.

With the decision to make captive breeding illegal in the state, California are really leading in the anti-captivity campaign. There’s still a long way to go in other aqua-theme parks all over the world, but what a huge step forward.

SeaWorld San Diego’s Orca Show to End on Sunday | NBC 7 San Diego


California bans captive breeding of SeaWorld San Diego killer whales.. what next?

What an incredible achievement!! You can have your tanks SeaWorld, but you can’t fill them!!

Anti-cap protestors everywhere are elated with the Californian Coastal Commission’s decision on SeaWorld’s application to expand their San Diego aquarium. Permission has been granted to go ahead with the expansion, known as ‘Blue World’, on the condition that no breeding will take place! A ban on captive breeding alongside the bans on trade, sale and transfer means that the 11 killer whales captive at SeaWorld San Diego would be their last.

Part of the Blue World project includes larger tanks for San Diego’s current captives. The fear is that the permit conditions will lead to SeaWorld throwing out the expansion plans altogether; with the view that the new tanks will be useless when they can no longer display killer whales. If the expansion plans are to improve the wellbeing of their current captives, as SeaWorld promise, then the ban on breeding should make little difference. But if these plans are laced with sinister, money-making intentions disguised by PR (as we know they are) then withdrawing them will only show them up as the money driven corporation we all know they are. With all the ‘Blackfish’ driven criticism in recent years, will they risk it? Let’s hope they play it as a good PR campaign that will potentially get people back in the park and create revenue. If the anti-cap movement doesn’t eventually lead to sea pens, we can hope that the 11 captives left will at least be able to live out their final days in tanks more considerate of their needs.

So, the question now is; what will SeaWorld do? The Dolphin Project outlined 4 potential moves in a recent blog post. Now we wait.

  1. Appeal the decision / sue the Commission
  2. Build Blue World then sue the Commission
  3. Build Blue World and accept the conditions
  4. Do nothing

Regardless of SeaWorld’s decision, the Californian Coastal Commission’s decison has been monumental in the anti-captivity movement and proof of the power behind awareness campaigns. Listen to the people and do the right thing, SeaWorld!